Welcome to the hub of the latest news and all things Eddie Hurst, Jr. Candidate for Williamson County Commissioner,for Precinct 2.

What is a County Commissioner?

A county commission (also known as a board of county commissioners or Commissioners Court) is a group of elected officials charged with administering the county government in some states of the United States (Texas being one of them).

In Williamson County, the Commissioners Court is the overall governing and management body responsible for all budgetary decisions and setting the tax rate each year. Among the duties of the Commissioners Court is administration of all the business of the County, including the building and maintenance of county roads and bridges.


  • August 30th, 12:30PM - Join me to salute a local wounded warrior as we welcome him to the community at the Hutto Hippo Eco Fest. I will be delivering a speech on the importance of supporting our troops on both fronts - The battle overseas, and the battle of a returning Post 9-11 Hero. Please remember to support the local food pantry by donating a canned good or non-perishable item to help those less fortunate at the Hippo Eco Fest. See more details at www.hippoecofest.com.


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